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NYECC/Con Edison Semi-Annual Members Only Meeting

September 28, 2017

NYECC members met with the heads of various divisions within Con Edison.  Members who attended this meeting walked away with some of the latest information and also had an opportunity to meet with Con Edison staff after the meeting and received help with their specific issues.

Here are some of the highlights:


Local Law 84 Benchmarking

The Con Edison Portal for NYC Benchmarking is now operating effectively.  There are no longer gaps or overlaps in data.  There is a lengthy user guide currently available at coned.com, and in the future there will be various versions of user guides.


Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI)

The rollout of smart meters in Staten Island is completed.  All MTA facilities are complete – enabling monitoring of outages in real time.  Con Edison is currently working in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Westchester.  All replacements are scheduled to be complete in 2022.

AMI meters contain alarms for low voltage and outages.  Temperature sensors in meters will monitor for unsafe conditions. 

There is a significant amount of information that is available from the new AMI meters.  NYECC and Con Edison will be in discussions to ensure that our members will be able to take full advantage of the output of this information with regard to interfacing with the buildings’ BMS systems


Energy Efficiency Program Enhancements

Based on feedback from focus groups, customers and third parties, there has been a focus on improving the process/timing – from an average of 8 months, down to 4 months.  A contractor portal is on track for 2019.  Incentives will be expanded and required inspections will be significantly reduced.


NEW Gas Demand Response Program

Properties enrolled October 1 will start November 1.  Properties enrolled November 1 will start December 1.  To participate, buildings must be able to switch from gas to electric or to curtail gas consumption.  Switching to liquid fuels is not permitted.  Buildings on Interruptible Service would need to switch to Firm Service and wait 12 months before participating.  The trigger for a call is 18 degrees.  Each call is from 10am – 10pm, seven days per week including holidays.  However, there is no requirement to curtail during the entire call window.