What are the Energy New York Awards?

Each year the NYECC honors organizations and/or individuals who have demonstrated exceptional qualities of vision, innovation, and leadership in strengthening the energy reliability and economic competitiveness of New York by presenting them with an ENYA. The ENYA honors organizations and individuals who demonstrate exceptional leadership and innovation in smart energy use and conservation, and whose work has impacted beyond their individual buildings or sites.

At a time when reducing our carbon footprint while ensuring electricity grid reliability is so imperative, we are pleased to honor those who have made significant impacts in this area at our annual ENYA event.” - Diana Sweeney, Executive Director - NYECC

2016 ENYA Winners & Nominees

Diana Sweeney, EnergyWatch; Peter Febo, Taconic Investment Partners; Alec Saltikoff, JPMorgan Chase & Co.; Daniel Levin, Bright Power; Phil Skalaski, Durst Organization

Diana Sweeney, EnergyWatch; Peter Febo, Taconic Investment Partners; Alec Saltikoff, JPMorgan Chase & Co.; Daniel Levin, Bright Power; Phil Skalaski, Durst Organization

  • ENYA WINNER: Emily Kildow, Sustainability Manger and John Soden, Director of Operations, Taconic Management Company, for their innovative sustainability work at Taconic’s commercial portfolio in NYC. The portfolio exceeded the goals of the Mayor’s 2030 Challenge, which called for a 30% carbon savings by 2030. They have since committed to a carbon savings of 50% by 2025.
  • ENYA WINNER: Alec Saltikoff, Global Head of Sustainability, JPMorgan Chase & Co., for his sustainability, energy efficiency and procurement efforts for the global real estate portfolio which is in excess of 75 million square feet . Under his leadership, the firm is on track to meet its goal and reduce its Green House Gas emissions by 50% by 2020, having already reduced its footprint by approximately 33% from its 2005 baseline.
  • ENYA WINNER: George Diamantopoulos, Esq., SEHAM, SEHAM, MELTZ & PETERSEN, LLP


  • ENYA NOMINEE: Richard T. Anderson, President of the New York Building Congress, for his decades-long commitment to strategic urban planning and economic development.
  • ENYA NOMINEE: Mike Donnolo, Engineering Manager, The Durst Organization for overseeing a $25 million mechanical upgrade, incorporating some of the latest technologies.
  • ENYA NOMINEE: RXR Realty, for leadership on sustainability initiatives in all of its assets and spearheading the creation of the West Chelsea Energy Alliance.

  • Emily Kildow, Sustainability Manger and John Soden, Director of Operations, Taconic Management Company

Emily Kildow, Sustainability Manager at Taconic Management Company LLC, oversees Google’s NYC Campus (which includes over 2 million square feet of Google-occupied space spread between 85 Tenth Avenue, Chelsea Market, and 111 Eighth Avenue) and 111 Eighth Avenue, a 3 million square foot mixed-use building which is the fourth largest building, by area, in all of NYC. John Soden, Director of Operations for Taconic Management Company LLC oversees Taconic’s commercial portfolio in NYC, including the Google Campus.

Emily and John are continually analyzing energy and waste data, exploring new solutions for sustainability, and analyzing the feasibility and payback of new capital projects.  In addition to overseeing sustainability capital projects, Emily and John are also involved in guiding operations and monitoring the janitorial “green cleaning” program and assisting tenants with NYSERDA and Con Ed funded energy efficiency initiatives.


Google/Taconic’s goals are guided by the Mayor’s Challenge.  Together, Google and Taconic exceeded the goals of the Mayor’s 2030 Challenge, which called for a 30% carbon savings by 2030.  Google agreed that their results could be improved and thus Google has committed to a carbon savings of 50% by 2025.  Since the initial involvement in the Mayors Challenge, Google has achieved 37% CO2 reduction and 32% reduction in Energy Use Intensity.

John and Emily have successfully overseen the following sustainability initiatives: 

·       Steam to Electric Chiller retrofit

·       Ice Storage with Chiller Retrofit

·       Window Replacement 

·       Automated Shading

·       Advanced load based Sub-metering

·       Lighting Controls

·       BMS Upgrades

·       Green Roofs

·       Blue Roofs

·       Grey Water Reclamation

·       LEED Certified to Platinum 

  • Alec Saltikoff, Global Head of Sustainability, JPMorgan Chase & Co.

Alec Saltikoff is responsible for the JPMorgan sustainability efforts, energy efficiency and procurement programs for the JPMorgan Chase global real estate portfolio which is in excess of 75 million square feet. He manages its energy footprint of over two million megawatt hours of electricity annually.  Alec has been responsible for the continued reduction of JPMorgan’s GHG carbon and energy footprint despite the ongoing increase in corporate square footage.  

Alec oversees JPMorgan’s aggressive GHG reduction goal to reduce all GHG emissions by 50% by 2020. Through managing their operational output, JP Morgan Chase has already reduced its GHG emissions by approximately 33% compared to the 2005 baseline.

In 2016, JPMorgan Chase invested ~$160MM in high efficiency LED lighting upgrades in its Chase Bank Branch system. They are committing additional capital to upgrade commercial properties to LEDs as well. It will roughly have the same positive environmental impact as planting a forest the size of Central Park in Manhattan. JPMorgan is installing Property Automation and Management Systems in the majority their 6,500 properties. They are expecting to reduce GHG and energy consumption by additional 15%.

In the UK and Germany, all of JPMorgan real estate operations are 100% powered by renewable energy.  JPMorgan is planning to increase the share of renewable energy in its own global portfolio to 50% by 2020, which will include onsite and offsite wind and solar. JPMorgan has raised almost $15 billion for renewable energy projects since 2003, including $8.6 billion of their own capital.

Through Alec’s leadership and visionary approach, JPMorgan Chase continues its commitment to energy and environmental concerns.  JPMorgan Chase has demonstrated its ability to address both shareholder and stakeholder concerns by aggressively implementing its commitment to emissions and energy consumption reductions, environmentally focused investments and sustainability initiatives.

  • George Diamantopoulos, Esq., SEHAM, SEHAM, MELTZ & PETERSEN, LLP

George Diamantopoulos has been instrumental in the creation and the success of the New York Energy Consumers Council (“NYECC”) from its beginning in 2004.  He has handled all of the organization’s corporate work since its inception, including the consolidation under New York State law of the Owners’ Committee on Electric Rates (“OCER”) and the New York Energy Buyers Forum (NYEBF) forming NYECC and in obtaining the organization’s federal tax exempt status.  His work in rate cases over the years has saved NYECC members and all rate payers millions billions of dollars. 

For almost two decades, George Diamantopoulos has handled multiple electric, gas, steam, and water rate cases before the NYS Public Service Commission, initially for the OCER, and since 2004, for the NYECC and other clients.  Most recently, he participated in rate cases leading to a three year freeze in electric and steam rates from 2014 through 2016.   In the most recent Con Edison electric and gas rate cases covering 2017 through 2019, Con Edison’s initial filing requests were significantly reduced.  Con Edison’s proposed three year rate increases in combined electric and gas rates would have totaled approximately $2.71 Billion over the three year period starting on January 1, 2017 and ending on December 31, 2019.  Conversely, the total rate increase in combined electric and gas rates in the approved Joint Proposal is approximately $1.57 Billion during these three years, or roughly 42% less than the original Con Edison filings.

In addition to rate cases, George handles all manner of non-rate case proceedings for NYECC before the NYS Public Service Commission, including utility prudence proceedings, and most recently the Reforming the Energy Vision (REV) proceeding and proceedings derivative of REV, including the Standby Rates Collaborative and other rate case collaboratives.

All members of the NYECC benefit from George’s knowledge and intervention expertise.  George brings the NYECC up to date on regulatory issues at its monthly meetings.  When a member brings an issue to the organization that affects others as well, often Georgeis involved with finding its resolution.     

George has been admitted to practice law in New York and New Jersey since 1991, and is an experienced federal and state court litigation and corporate attorney. When he is not working for the NYECC, he spends some of his other legal time handling the following matters for other clients:

·representing clients in federal and state courts in New York and pro hac vice outside New York

·representing clients at arbitrations

·representing union clients in the airline industry at federal election representation disputes before the National Mediation Board

·representing sewer rate payers before a Town Board and derivative appellate work under the NYS Transportation Corporations Law

·creating New York State corporations and Limited Liability Companies, and advising on their corporate governance

·creating and advising charitable and trade organizations and obtaining federal tax exempt status for such clients

  • Richard T. Anderson, President of the New York Building Congress

For more than 20 years, Richard T. Anderson has served as President of the New York Building Congress and as a nationally recognized association executive and urban planner.  An articulate advocate for strategic infrastructure investment and economic development, he has dedicated his career to promoting the long-term growth of New York City and other urban centers in America.

He has overseen the development of five Electricity Outlook publications to call attention to the need for robust, reliable, and responsible electric infrastructure investment and expansion, urging Governors Pataki, Spitzer, Paterson, and Cuomo to reinstate Article X legislation, to maintain local energy supplies, and to strengthen New York’s energy distribution networks.  He has advocated for our energy grid with the New York Power Authority, the New York Independent System Operator, and the New York Legislature, as well as with the administrations of New York City Mayors Giuliani, Bloomberg, and DeBlasio.

He has fostered strong partnership among the leading real estate developers of New York City, leaders in local and state government, and the leaders at Con Edison and National Grid, and he established the Building Congress Energy Committee as one of the City’s most influential public forums.

  • Mike Donnolo, Engineering Manager, The Durst Organization

Under Mike Donnolo’s leadership, The Durst Organization completed a $25 million mechanical upgrade program in 2016 at 1133 Avenue of the Americas, which included a new chiller and boiler plant, DDC control system, and air handler upgrades.  Based upon the proven success Durst’s existing portfolio has experienced in buildings such as One Bryant Park and 4 Times Square, modifications to the existing infrastructure will improve tenant satisfaction while reducing energy usage and operating costs.

The upgrade plan at 1133 included the most energy efficient new technology available.  Some highlights are:

·       Three steam absorption chillers were replaced with three new, high efficiency, Multistack centrifugal electric drive chillers and high efficiency pumps.   Annualized cooling energy was reduced from from 24kBTU/sf/yr to 4kBTU/sf/yr of site energy and from 28.8kBTU/sf/yr to 12.5kBTU/sf/yr source energy, resulting in CO2 emissions reduction of 1.5 M kg.

·       A high efficiency natural gas condensing hot water boiler plant replaced Con Edison district steam as the heating source, improving the source energy efficiency of the building.  An increase from 23.3kBTU/sf/yr to 23.6kBTU/sf/yr site energy is attributable to the fuel switch.  A reduction from 28kBTU/sf/yr to 24.8kBTU/sf/yr source energy occurred.

·       Heating and cooling coils within the existing central air handling units were replaced with a single new coil with, increasing capacity. 

·       Using the cooling coil to heat permitted the use of 70degF water to temper supply air even on the coldest day. 

·       Coils were selected for pressure drop based on their hydraulic zone in the building.  With proper selection of control valves, this eliminated the need for balancing valves, resulting in a permanent decrease in operating energy.

  • RXR Realty

RXR’s portfolio is over 14 Million square feet in Manhattan, and over 25 Million square feet across the tristate area, with a gross asset value of approximately $14.7 Billion.

RXR focuses on sustainability initiatives in all of its assets.  Starting in 2010 with the acquisition of 1330 Avenue of the Americas, to their most recent acquisition of 1285 Avenue of the Americas, RXR invests in the Class A assets they own and put in excess of $500 Million Dollars in capital improvement across their properties.

By performing LED lighting upgrades across their NYC portfolio in 2015, RXR has saved in excess of 1 Gigawatt.  The Starrett-Leigh property is a city within its self and has reduced its peak demand by over 1,253 kW and 3,093,484 kWh annually since its purchase in 2011 through various Energy Control Measures and window replacement (part of a two-year plan to replace five miles of windows).  Starrett-Leigh also installed a 1,500 kw emergency generator strictly for curtailment purposes.

RXR spearheaded the creation of the West Chelsea Energy Alliance (WCEA).  The WCEA will collectively bring together large owners, landlords and tenants with the focus on creating energy-saving initiatives and giving back to the community.  Members would participate in energy conservation measures through programs offered by Con Edison, or on their own, and contribute a small percentage of their savings to a green fund.  WCEA would utilize the green fund to support environmental initiatives in the community.

RXR actively participates in the Con Edison Demand Response Program and has committed over 5MW of curtailment load across New York City.